Dear Colleague

This week saw the Government launch their Road to Zero Strategy. We will continue to work closely with the Government and other industry partners to ensure clear and consistent messaging on the behalf of the sector and ultimately the consumer. Details of their strategy in today’s news.

Brexit continues to dominate the news headlines. A full briefing of the recent Chequers meeting is also in today’s news.

Just to remind you this coming week we have a WLTP workshop at the Hilton Hotel, Warwick on 17 July – further details in this week’s news.

This week I attended the Motor Trader Awards alongside a huge number of our industry colleagues. I would like to congratulate NFDA members Sytners, Evans Halshaw, Brayleys Cars and Sinclair Group on winning awards (and of course the England team on their performance !).

NFDA is your trade association: we represent, you benefit. If you need any assistance, please contact us on the member helpline 01788 538303.

Sue Robinson, NFDA Director