Due to the current Covid-19 situation, DVLA has reviewed its de-registration process and as such has extended the usual 7 day timescale to 14 days during these challenging times. This applies to vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2020.

DVLA says:

“We are receiving a higher number of these requests than usual so we ask for your patience at this time as applications may take longer to process. With this in mind we kindly ask that you refrain from progress chasing your application.

A number of requests have been rejected recently and so we would like to remind you of the requirements and criteria in which to apply.

De-registration requirements

Only the dealer who applied to register the vehicle can apply to cancel it.

The DVLA must receive the full application for de-registration within 14 working days of the registration date *(currently extended to 14 days due to impacts of Covid-19)

Your application should contain:

  • a completed V996 Application (please refer to this form for full information)
  • a signed letter from the prospective purchaser giving
  • their full name and address
  • the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN)
  • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • confirmation that the sale has not gone ahead
  • the Reason why the sale has not gone ahead

How to apply

The application to de-register should be e-mailed to deregisrations@dvla.gov.uk or the application must be posted to:

De-registration Team



SA99 1ZZ

Failure to supply the correct information will result in your application being rejected. Please refer to the guidance above and ensure you submit a full, complete application.

Although the facility for advanced registration is still available, in the current climate we are actively discouraging this. This is because we are seeing many cases where the customer is unable to collect as planned.

Reminder of acceptable/non acceptable scenarios:

Applies in the following scenarios:

  • The sale falls through and it is through no fault of the dealer (i.e. customer cannot secure finance).
  • Full application has been received within 14 working days of the registration date including a letter from the customer giving full reason for rejection.
  • De-registration application must be made by dealership who registered the vehicle.

Does not apply in the following scenarios:

  • Vehicle is registered in the name of a dealer or associated, parent or subsidiary company or a dealership; including associated leasing companies or hire-car firms.
  • Vehicle has been used on the road.
  • Full application has not been received within 14 (currently extended due to impacts of Covid-19) working days of the registration date.