At a recent industry meeting with the DVSA, the proposed announcement that the Government are considering changing the frequency of MOT testing to every 2 years, as a cost-of-living saving, was discussed. NFDA requested an update on the likelihood of this change coming to fruition.

It was generally agreed that this had seemed to be a political soundbite, but the DSVA assured us it was under consideration as a future change.

However, we were advised that a change to an MOT test being required every 2 years would require substantial change to primary legislation and this would take some time.

In fact, it is more likely that a simple change to having then a car’s first MOT carried out at 4 years, instead of 3 years could happen. This variation would only need a modification to secondary legislation and could still be flagged up as a cost-of-living saving to the public.

Either change would need to be addressed by public-consultation, and along with safety campaigners, the NFDA would vigorously oppose either MOT changes on safety grounds.