Firstly, welcome back to the NFDA Newsletter! I wanted to start by wishing everyone a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

We have started the year with SMMT’s new car registration figures for December and 2022. Overall, it was an irregular year for new car sales, with the market impacted by wide ranging factors from supply constraints, driven by continued lockdowns and the war in Ukraine, to the cost-of-living crisis impacting demand in the UK. Looking ahead, NFDA and its members remain cautiously optimistic for 2023, and will continue to help consumers find the right vehicle for their needs.

The NFDA’s quarterly magazine The Voice is out now! Highlights include some of the important success stories from 2022 including Audi reaching 100% accreditation; a recap of the what the NFDA policy department have been working on behind closed doors; the latest Drive My Career survey exploring young people’s perceptions of the economic crisis; an exclusive interview with Graeme Potts, CEO of Eden Motor Group; and much more! Find it in this edition of NFDA news.

Finally, there is one week left to complete our Digital Retailing Research survey, in conjunction with Auto Trader and ICDP. It is important we understand how retailers are adapting to the digital revolution and where the NFDA can best provide a service to help with this transition. Please complete the survey HERE.