In April 2019, the European passenger car market recorded a relatively stable performance (-0.4%), counting 1,303,787 new registrations, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

In April, demand was mainly driven by the Central European countries, which posted a 4.6% increase last month. Looking at the EU’s five largest markets, Spain (+2.6%), Italy (+1.5%) and France (+0.4%) showed slight gains compared to April 2018, but demand in the United Kingdom (-4.1%) and Germany (-1.1%) fell at the same time.

From January to April 2019, demand for new cars in the European Union decreased by 2.6%, counting 5.3 million units registered in total. The German and French markets remained almost flat four months into the year, while registrations declined in Italy (-4.6%), Spain (-4.5%) and the UK (-2.7%) when compared with the same period in 2018.