The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has launched a new service which allows motorists to share their licence information with third parties, such as employers and car hire companies, through a mobile phone.

Users will get a button on the home screen if they have an Android phone, or a pass in the Apple Wallet if they have an iPhone. With this, the driving record can be shared using a ‘check code’ or a scannable QR code

The code expires after 21 days and can be used once. The service can be used only with licences issued in England, Wales or Scotland.

Neil Akass, Service Designer at DVLA said, “We’ve developed a new way to use our View and Share driving licence online services using a QR code that is stored in a mobile phone. This gives customers greater choice in how they access our services and in a way that suits them. Most people have their phone to hand at all times and this is a convenient, easy and secure way for drivers to confirm their licence details when they need to”.

There’s a different way to share your driving record through a laptop or desktop computer:

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