Dear Colleague,

Yesterday the NFDA submitted its response to the CMA’s consultation on the Retained Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation. In addition, a meeting has been scheduled with the CMA to take place today, Friday 6 May.

This week, I attended the first in person Alliance of European Car Dealers and Repairers (AECDR) meeting in Brussels, with representatives of leading European countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and various brand dealer associations. Discussions centred around the growth and future of automotive retail, block exemption and agency models. An update will be circulated on this shortly.

The latest new car registration figures have been released, revealing continued decline, largely driven by supply side constraints, as a result of continued lockdowns in China. However, it is also of note that sales of EVs continue to perform strongly as brands introduce more models.

Finally, the Quarterly Electric Vehicles Report from Zeus is now available. The report includes useful information including an in-depth understanding of supply issues, Government proposals to increase the uptake in EVs, Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts, agency models for EVs and more. Please access the following document through downloading it HERE.

NFDA is your trade association and we are the voice of automotive retailers, if you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our member helpline at 01788 538303.

Sue Robinson, NFDA Chief Executive