‘Car clocking’ was the subject of a recent Parliamentary Question tabled by John Leech MP.

Sue Robinson, RMI Director commented “Following a meeting between the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) and John Leech MP on the subject of used cars that have had their odometer reading tampered with (also known as car clocking), Mr Leech raised the issue in Parliament. Clocking and mileage adjustment companies are genuine issues within the industry that not only affect business but also road safety.”

During a Parliamentary debate on the 21 June, Mr Leech asked “what estimate the DfT has made of the number of used car sales which have involved tampering with odometer readings since 2005.” On the 23 June Mr Leech went on to ask “what guidance the DfT provides on the legitimate circumstances for the replacement of a car odometer.” The answers provided by Ed Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs and Mike Penning MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, highlighted the fact currently the DfT do not collect information on the subject and that a review of this could be necessary.

Sue Robinson continued “Following our meeting Mr Leech also stated he intended to raise the subject with the Transport Select Committee and propose an enquiry takes place. The RMI are committed to lobbying for the monitoring of clocking and intend to contact members of the Transport Select Committee on the subject.”