“It is encouraging to see a second month of growth for the EU car market following the robust bounce back we saw in January” said Sue Robinson, Chief Executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), commenting on the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) February figures.

In February, the EU experienced a surge in car sales, up by 10.1% compared to last year, totalling 883,608 units. France and Italy led this growth with double digit increases (13% and 12.8% respectively), while Spain and Germany followed with solid single-digit growth (9.9% and 5.4%).

Battery-electric cars maintained a stable market share of 12%, with sales growing by 9% to 106,187 units. Hybrid-electric cars saw a surge in sales by 24.7%, totalling 255,511 units and capturing nearly 29% of the market. Plug-in hybrid cars also experienced notable growth, now representing 7.3% of the EU car sales.

Petrol cars remained the most popular choice, with a market share of 35.5%, although slightly decreasing from last year. Diesel car sales dropped by 5.1% except in Germany where they grew by 9.7%. Diesel cars now represent 12.9% of the market, down from 15% last year.

Sue Robinson concluded: “Considering that February, much like January, is often a slightly slower month for car sales, it is positive to see continual growth in EU car sales figures.

“It Is encouraging to see that electric vehicle sales have continued to grow in February, although it is important to note that its market share remains at 12%.

“Both the UK and EU governments need to do more to incentivise consumers to make the switch to electric.

“Disappointingly, there was no mention of EV price incentives for UK consumers in the Spring Budget this month. It is important that the UK Government realises the need to also implement similar upfront price incentives to encourage consumers especially with the introduction of the ZEV mandate earlier this year.

“Last week, the EU Parliament also passed the Euro 7 bill to reduce road transport emissions.

“NFDA will continue to communicate with government to drive positive progress in the industry that will benefit retailers, consumers, and the environment.”