As summer approaches, and with the threat of disruption to flights, many motorists will be ‘road-tripping’ across the British Isles and even into continental Europe.

With constant warnings about carbon emissions and global warming do your bit for climate change this summer and aim for efficient mileage. Sue Robinson, from the Retail Motor Industry (RMI), recommends a number of simple tips for getting the most out of your tank of fuel.

  • Tyre pressure – keep tyres inflated to their maximum psi (pound per square inch).
  • Air conditioning / Windows – Avoid using your car’s air conditioning on short journeys. However, for motorway travel, at higher speeds, aerodynamics can be more important, so you are actually better off running the air con’ than rolling down your windows.
  • Roof box / bike rack - Make sure your vehicle remains fairly aerodynamic. It's amazing how much drag you get from luggage racks or roof boxes, especially when they are loaded. Don't carry unnecessary weight. For every extra 50kg of weight you carry, you are decreasing your miles per gallon by 2 percent.
  • Speed - Your car burns about 25% more fuel at 75 miles per hour than it does at 55. Another good rule of thumb is to keep you RPMs under 2,000.
  • Switch off - If you think your car may be sitting and idling for more than 45 seconds, you are better off shutting down the engine.
  • Route planning - try to avoid congested stop and go traffic. You may be better off heading just a little out of your way if it means that you aren't being stopped by 20 traffic lights on your journey.

All of these tips will help to maximise your cars’ miles per gallon, which is good for the environment and good for your wallet!

Sue’s final tip is to “make sure your car is serviced regularly, a well cared for car will provide optimal performance for its driver, and this could save you time and money”. Visit to find you nearest RMI garage.