The European Commission have announced their plans to arrange a round table meeting on 15 June between vehicle manufacturers and the RMI’s National Franchise Dealers Association (NFDA) and European Car Dealers (ECD). The meeting will take place to enable a further and fuller discussion about the proposed Code of Conduct.

Sue Robinson, Director of the NFDA commented “The European Commission has created an expectation that manufacturers should operate in a transparent manner with their dealers and adhere to minimum standards of behaviour in their commercial relationships, as set out in an agreed code of conduct. We are very pleased that the EC intends to facilitate a meeting that will bring the main parties together to discuss the code. The NFDA’s main objective is to ensure that dealers are getting a fair deal in the new manufacturer contracts.”

Although the meeting is a step forward in the NFDA’s lobbying for a comprehensive code of conduct, it is still urging all dealer councils to alert their network of the potential impact of these changes.