“Businesses and trade bodies are being asked to engage in a consultation process and comment and identify regulations that are burdensome and unnecessary. The RMI will be responding to the consultation and we are urging members to let us know of regulations they feel are unnecessary or could be simplified.” said Sue Robinson, Director of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI).

We are urging all our members to alert Government to the dangers of red tape while defending regulations that protect motorists and our industry. Using the Red Tape Challenge website members of the public can comment on the regulations listed on the site.

The Red Tape Challenge is a big drive to have a ‘spring clean’ of all the laws, rules and regulations on the Government’s books. From 20 May to 17 June the site is open for your thoughts on the regulation of road transport. The road transportation regulations are divided into different topics including licensing, registration and insurance, Transport workers and organisations, and vehicle safety and standards. Regulations under review that affect the motor industry include Sunday trading laws, consumer regulations, as well as regulations that impact on vehicle repair and maintenance such as the changes to the MOT system.

Sue continued “The more people that take part in the Red Tape Challenge, the better able Government will be to ensure the motor industry regulations are necessary and purposeful.”

For further information please contact Keely Scanlan on 0207 307 3422