Leading Trade Body Backed Used Car Website Helps Buyers Become ‘Scambusters’ For National Consumer Week

Leading used car website Trusted Dealers in partnership with the NFDA (National Franchised Dealers Association), is gearing up for National Consumer Week (4-10 November) with the launch of its car buyer mediation and arbitration helpline, alongside a free used car buyer’s guide.

The launch of the telephone service follows recent research from the Citizens Advice Bureau which found 73% of consumers seeking assistance last year needed guidance on how to deal with faulty second hand car purchases. Although only 14% relate to franchise dealers and even less to Trusted Dealers the helpline will be underpinned by Trusted Dealers “Ten Points of Difference” backed by NFDA Used Car Standards.

Acting as an unbiased service for consumers experiencing problems with a used car purchase the helpline provides a legally binding solution for both the dealer and the buyer to ensure complete peace of mind. The helpline is open to anyone purchasing a used car from Trusted Dealers and NFDA members, and trained experts can mediate an agreement between the two parties, or act as an arbitrator to finalise a mandatory decision in favour of one or the other.

In support of National Consumer Week, Trusted Dealers has also launched an online ‘Scambusters’ guide to help buyers avoid the most common purchasing pitfalls, ensuring their search for a used car runs as smoothly as possible. The guide is available at: http://www.trusteddealers.co.u...

Sue Robinson, Director of the NFDA, said: “The new helpline is an important tool that can help regulate the industry of used car buying whilst also informing customers of their consumer rights.

“This new helpline, backed up our new Used Car Standards and handy reference guide for consumers firmly establish Trusted Dealers as the safest place to buy a car online.”

Neil Addley, MD of Trusted Dealers, said: “Trusted Dealers offers one of the safest ways to buy a used car online through franchise dealer members who all sign up to our ‘Ten Points of Difference’ standards, offering an assurance of quality and security. Although the Citizens Advice Bureau research showed only 14% of consumer complaints related to franchise dealers, for us this still signifies a need to offer buyers more support which we’re delivering through the helpline and ‘Scambusters’ guide.

“If the worst happens and a buyer does experience a problem, the new mediation and arbitration service provides an efficient ‘one-stop’ service to resolve any issues.

“The report also revealed the top complaints from used car buyers included defective goods, receiving substandard services and being misled by incorrect claims and bad business practice. Buying from a Trusted Dealers member safeguards against these, and with the help of our quick reference ‘Scambusters’ guide in support of National Consumer Week, we’re continuing to make used car shopping a smooth ride!”

Trusted Dealers launched in 2011 and prides itself on a commitment to ensuring peace of mind for its visitors when buying a used car. It incorporates 886 of the UK’s largest used car dealers and attracts over one million users each month.


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Notes to Editors

  • The National Franchised Dealers Association represents franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers in the UK and lobbies on issues including manufacturer relationships, legislation, used cars, finance, insurance and aftersales. The NFDA’s membership now covers 85% of all dealer networks in the UK.