First registration form changes: Removal of the old V55/1 form from 1 August 2019

From 1 August 2019 DVLA will no longer accept old versions of the V55/1 form (V55/1 06/16).

It is important to cascade this information to all staff who prepare or submit V55 forms to register vehicles with DVLA.

Background to the V55 form changes

The new versions of the V55 forms include extra fields to capture data on:

• world lightweight harmonised test procedures (WLTP)

• the Euro status level to which the vehicle was tested

• Real Driving Emissions (RDE) NOx values.

Originally, DVLA said that they would accept both versions of the V55/1 form until 31 January 2019 and that the old version (V55/1 06/16) would not be accepted after that date. To give their customers more time to make any necessary adjustments, they have continued to accept the old version

However, from 1 August 2019 DVLA will no longer accept the old version.

How to get the V55 forms

You can order the latest V55/1 and V55/2 forms from DVLA stores by emailing and quoting the form and version number. This will be either V55/1 (03/19) or V55/2 (05/18).

You can download the V55/4 and V55/5 forms from

This latest versions of the forms remove the requirement for impact printing. The form is A4 sized and dual sided.