Nearly three-quarters of potential electric car buyers are prepared to wait longer for an electric car than for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, according to the latest What Car? survey. However, just 20.87% would be willing to pay a premium for an electric or plug-in vehicle over a petrol or diesel model.

Polling 9,837 in-market buyers, What Car? found that 72.01% would be willing to wait longer for an EV or a plug-in hybrid to be delivered, compared with a conventional petrol or diesel car. Previous research by What Car? revealed that waiting times on new electric cars have significantly fallen in the past 12 months, with the majority of new electric vehicles being available within 12 week - on a par with delivery times for most petrol and diesel models.

Although cost remains a barrier, test drives can help persuade motorists. What Car?’s research found that 39.17% of in-market buyers said an extended test drive with an electric or plug-in vehicle would make them more likely to consider switching to electric.

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