NFDA’s new HR survey will help the association understand the most pressing issues facing franchised dealers in the employment sector and enable the team to support members in a ‘constructive and strategic way’.

The NFDA has launched a new HR survey asking franchised dealers a range of questions around employment and recruitment issues in the automotive retail sector. The survey explores key areas including:

  • Employee engagement and well-being
  • Training and development
  • Diversity
  • Work-life balance
  • Recruitment, reward and retention

The apprenticeship levy, working from home, the gender pay gap as well as mental health represent some of the issues NFDA will examine through the survey.

The findings will be shared with members and analysed in more detail via the NFDA HR Working Group. This will help NFDA set its priorities and provide dealers with useful insights.

The NFDA HR Working Group has been instrumental in allowing us to understand how to best support dealers and, in turn, it provides us with an ideal channel to share relevant guidance and updates with them.

Dealerships have been working at a reduced capacity and employees have had to work ‘harder and smarter’ to adapt to the new requirements since reopening. With the increasing number of challenges facing the recruitment industry, it is vital that we continue to monitor how dealers are coping.

The automotive retail sector employs over half a million people in the UK and staff represent dealers’ biggest asset. NFDA will continue to work closely with members to provide them with continued support both through our lobbying efforts as well as at an operational level