The DVSA has published new rules regarding the MOT Annual Training including restrictions for retakes, additional information that Testers have to do the assessment themselves and new sanctions regarding incomplete or missing Training Logs.

MOT Annual Assessment and Training for Testers

Testers must complete at least three hours training (16 hours over a rolling five year period) annually and successfully complete the annual assessment. The annual assessment must be carried out solely by the tester. How MOT training is completed is at the discretion of the Tester and Authorised Examiner.

The annual assessment is available from Awarding Organisations and is a pay per assessment approach. On successful completion of an assessment, the candidate will be provided with a certificate and a record of this assessment is recorded on MOT Testing Service by the Awarding Organisation.

When it can be proven that a tester did not complete their annual assessment themselves then DVSA will revoke the result and the tester is required to complete a further annual assessment and demo test before being allowed to return to testing.

If a tester fails the re-assessment, they are not allowed to re-sit the annual assessment for 7 calendar days. If that assessment is failed, the tester must wait another 7 calendar days before they would be allowed to re-sit the annual assessment again. The 7 day cycle is repeated if there are continued failures.

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