Volkswagen has come top of the UK’s Automotive and Mobility Rankings for 2022. German brands dominated YouGov’s 2022 rankings of the best automotive and mobility brands as determined by consumers around the globe.

The rankings are determined by a brand’s Index score, a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of General Impression, Quality, Value, Customer Satisfaction, Recommendation, and Corporate Reputation scores in YouGov BrandIndex from February 1 2021 to January 31 2022. Volkswagen’s score of 21.7 was enough to win a close-run race with second-placed Ford (21.5) and fellow German brand Mercedez-Benz (21.5).

Volkswagen’s positive consumer perceptions can be attributed to solid performances in the Recommend, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality metrics over the past year, while Ford owes its high ranking more to stronger showings in the Value, Customer Satisfaction, and Recommend scores. Mercedez-Benz overperformed the rest in Quality, General Impression and Corporate Reputation scores.

In a close-run table, Audi placed fourth with 19.7, and Toyota was not far behind (19.2). Audi scored highly in Quality, Corporate Reputation, and General Impression relative to other brands, while Toyota was solid across all metrics (if not especially outstanding in any one particular dimension).

Volvo came in sixth with 18.5, with seventh-placed Jaguar the only brand of British origin in the table. BMW (17.6), Honda (15.4), and Porsche (14.5) complete a top ten with less than seven points between first and last place.

Global Results

Toyota has come top of YouGov’s Global Automotive and Mobility Rankings 2022. Toyota placed first with a score of 170 – some way in front of second-ranked Mercedez-Benz (153), and third-placed BMW (123). From here, the places narrow: just five points separate fourth-placed Audi (95) and fellow German automaker Volkswagen (90), with Honda close behind in sixth (88). The table opens up again in seventh place, with Volvo earning 53 points, only to narrow again with eighth-placed Ford (48) and Nissan (44). Lexus rounds out the top ten with 34 points.

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