Car use in Britain is now higher than before the first lockdown, while the number of people using public transport has lagged behind, according to the latest data from the Department for Transport.

Current car traffic levels compare to the first week of February 2020. At the start of the first lockdown there was between a quarter and a third of car traffic than there had been in the first week of February, BBC reported.

National rail use dropped to as low as 4% as the same week in 2019, and bus use outside London to as low as 10%.

During summer last year, car traffic returned to around 90%-100% of February 2020 figures and did not drop as low as levels in the first lockdown during subsequent lockdowns.

Car traffic on weekends has consistently been more than 100% of February 2020 levels, reaching as high as 111% on 15 August.

Bus and train use has increased since the first lockdown and during this summer, but is still far from the levels seen before the pandemic.